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Jenn Tran is a motion graphics designer who loves storytelling through design and animation. Jenn's career includes more than

a decade of work across a wide range of platforms including motion graphics for news/editorial, OTT, social media and vertical, web, mobile, film, and broadcast.


Inspired by aboriginal art during her childhood in Melbourne, Australia, Jenn pursued a career in art at CalArts in Valencia, CA, studying experimental animation and graphic design, and later studying interactive telecommunications at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. After being mentored one on one for four years by the legendary Pablo Ferro, Jenn has since worked for a wide variety of studios, publishers, and agencies in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston.


Jenn is currently a motion graphics designer / producer at NBC News creating designs and branding for editorial and overseeing the creation of motion graphics for video projects. She enjoys drawing, painting, designing, animating, and experimenting with UI, AR, VR and emerging technologies.

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